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"As a newer agent to the business I have found a company with incredible support and training. The programs offered at ERA have helped me take my business to the next level. The support I receive is unbelievable! From managers, to owners of the company they "are always there for you" our ERA slogan. This company provides you with the tools you need to succeed. We have programs no other company has to offer. In a down market I have been able to get my last 2 listings under agreement within 45 days!! Nothing but great things to say!!!"
  Tara Cassery, ERA Key Whitinsville
"I felt I was lacking something in my Real estate Career. I love what I do, but something was definitely missing. I decided to try and fill that void and see what other companies had to offer. When I interviewed with ERA...it hit me like a ton of bricks. I AM HOME!!!! What I was missing was the camaraderie, teamwork and family, FUN atmosphere. Professional, yet relaxed and non-threatening. ERA is the BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE REAL ESTATE WORLD! To me, it`s the "Disney Worlds" of agencies. I could not believe the marketing materials and advertising THEY did for me, I didn`t have to even think about it. I have been with ERA for less than 2 months, I feel right at home, and my business has Soared!!! It`s because I am FINALLY Happy!!!!! Are you Happy where you are? are the 6 magic words an ERA agent once said to me. I replied, " Is anyone ever Really happy where they are? She replied....YES, I am, and you could be too. She was 1000% right. So, let me ask you...Are YOU Happy where you are?"
  Yvonne Smith, ERA Key Oxford
"As an agent for the past 10 years, I ve worked for a number of companies, including new construction, a small boutique office and briefly at another larger brokerage. Each one offered a variety of positive and negative features that allowed me to learn and grow. However, I had yet to find the perfect match until I interviewed with ERA Key Realty Services. The owners and management of this firm are hands on innovative leaders who truly care about the growth and happiness of not only the company but also each and every agent. ERA s relocation team, E-lead department, training programs, valuable and easy to use extranet, and monthly mailing allowances are just a few of the invaluable tools they offer to enhance your business. Private offices, the general camaraderie and willingness to help one another within each branch lends to terrific moral. If you are considering a career in real estate or are looking to make a move, I highly recommend joining the team of professionals at ERA!"
  Donna Towne, ERA Key Framingham
"Hello Bruce, I wanted to let you know your staff has blown me away! We rec`d flowers from Les & staff. I m getting welcome calls from your agents I don t even know. Lisa D [Lisa DeVries, Spencer office administrator] is awesome! What an efficient person. (I want what she`s on!!) I also appreciate your work with MLS & the bologna they put us thru. Jim. Kelleher [facilities director] was in. He is completely focused. He knew just what to ask me for, what he needed to look for & wasted no time getting it & getting out. I am so relieved I made this decision. The transition has been easier then I could have dreamed. If I had known how easy it would be, I would have signed up on day 1! I mirror Darlene Eager s sentiments: "I should have done this earlier""
  Diane Dabrowski, ERA Key Spencer
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